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Drizzle Cake

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All-Natural Body Oil Bar

Drizzle Cake is a beautifying and ultra-moisturizing oil bar serving you a slice of delicious cinnamon orange cake.

Rosehip oil helps to reduce hyperpigmentation, hydrates, reduces scars and fine lines, as well as, helping with the brightening of the skin. Sweet orange essential oil promotes cell growth and collagen synthesis, whereas cinnamon bark essential oil calms dry skin and slows the look of aging.

Ingredients: Unrefined shea butter, unrefined cocoa butter, rosehip oil, natural beeswax, sweet orange essential oil, and cinnamon bark essential oil.

Directions of use: Glide the oil bar across dry, clean skin. Massage the oils into your skin by rubbing down the outer sides of your limbs and up the inner sides of your limbs; this increases blood circulation which in turn builds healthier skin.  Lastly, enjoy beautiful, healthy skin!

1 x DC - This consists simply of one Drizzle Cake Oil Bar.  Variety Bundle - This bundle consists of one of each of the Body Oil Bars; 1x By The Hearth, 1 x Drizzle Cake, 1 x Paloma, and 1 x Summer Breeze.  DC x Travel Box Combo - This combo consists of one Drizzle Cake and our reusable Travel Box.

Our Packaging:  Every oil bar's packaging consists of a single A4 sheet of paper cleverly folded into a carrier bag which is then clamped with a bull-dog clip.  The bull-dog clip has so many practical uses; our customers can reuse this part of our packaging very easily, whereas the actual packaging can be recycled or composted.


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