After close to 5 years in the making, Plaiin finally became a reality for founder Megan a year ago.  Inspired by the zero-waste movement, after she first came across Bea Johnson, Megan worked at creating a fully plastic-free beauty brand.

Every product is hand formulated with all-natural and vegan or vegetarian ingredients.  Plaiin follows the philosophy of 'skin food' rather than 'skincare.'  If you can't eat it, your skin shouldn't either.  Because all of the ingredients are food-grade, technically each product is edible!  Every product we create is safe and nourishing for your skin.  

We are very proud that our brand is made as Zero-waste as possible.  We strive to be plastic-free in all aspects of our process, down to the equipment we use.

Our Packaging

In an effort to change the world of beauty brands, we are dedicated to finding solutions to plastic packaging.  That's why we worked at creating a recipe that can be a hand-held, stand-alone product without the necessity of plastic.  That being said, we do need to protect these beautiful bars somehow and so each Body Scrub Balm comes packaged in an organic cotton draw string pouch with our labelling printed onto them and our Body Oil Bars come in a neat paper package secured with a bulldog clip, because who doesn't love a bulldog clip?  

 Our Shipping

We ship our products plastic free!  Our products are bundled in a cardboard box with packing paper or post-packaging paper where we can, which you can easily recycle.  We take pride in knowing that our parcels do not contribute any plastic waste to our Earth.