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By The Hearth

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All-Natural Body Oil Bar

By The Hearth is a beautiful warming and ultra-moisturizing oil bar placing you by the fireplace with a warm cup of tea

helps protect skin cells from the damage 

anti-inflammatory & antiseptic

purifies skin by clearing out blemishes

proven to help with psoriasis

Ingredients: Unrefined Shea Butter, unrefined cocoa butter, sesame oil, natural beeswax, cedarwood essential oil, and cardamom essential oil. 

Grab a Variety Bundle, this consists of all four Body Oil Bars; By The Hearth, Drizzle Cake, Paloma, and Summer Breeze


All of our ingredients are natural, locally sourced and high quality, with a strong focus on sustainability and longevity.

Our Packaging

All of our packaging is either recyclable, compostable or reusable. We try our best to find sustainable solutions for plastic packaging.


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To keep our carbon emissions as low as possible, we handle returns on a case-by-case basis, if your order is damaged please contact us.

Customer Reviews

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Kirti D.
It smells so good and feels so good!

I love this product, I have eczema and have always been cautious when it comes to skin products but I smelt this at a market three years ago and have thought about it ever since! It's gentle on my skin and easy to apply, and I love the ritual of rubbing the bar onto my body after a night-time bath. I've also noticed my skin is softer after 2-3 days of use and the scent does stay on my skin. My only con would be that a bar does not last me as long as my usual go-to product. The first bar I bought, I used every night and it lasted me a month so I've come to use it a bit more sparingly. :)