Everything about our Body Oil Bars ✨

Everything about our Body Oil Bars ✨

What exactly is a Body Oil Bar?

Think body oil meets body balm; you get all the benefits of beautiful oils and essential oils along with the convenience of a body balm in a solid form that you can easily rub across your skin.

What are the base ingredients of our body balms?

All of our Body Oil Bars have a base of Beeswax, Shea butter and Cocoa butter.  Each variant has different oils, such as, Sesame oil, Rosehip oil, Passionfruit oil and Avocado oil.

When is it best to use our body balms?

Our founder, Megsmoo prefers to absolutely lather her body after a warm shower in the evenings so that the butters and oils can slowly absorb over the evening while you sleep.  Conveniently, when you wake up, your skin is nourished and you can go about your day looking stunning.

Another great time to use it is when you'd like to get a little glowy tan whilst your in the sun.  Moisturised skin is proven to tan more evenly and nourishes the skin whilst you're exposed to UV rays, which can be dehydrating.  Our bars, Summer Breeze and Paloma, also have oils which aid in tanning beautifully.

Will our body balms help with sunburn?

Yes, because our bars have Beeswax, they can be very healing to sunburnt skin and will reduce the result of peeling skin.

How is our body balm used?

Take the bar and gently glide it across your skin, your body temperature will melt the bar and release the nourishing ingredients onto your skin.  Give yourself a massage by rubbing the ingredients into your skin and you'll be left looking glossy.

Why would you use our body balms?

If you struggle with dry and chapped skin, our bars will gladly add moisture back into your skin more than most lotions would as our bars are not diluted by a high water content; you're getting 150g of solid butter and oils rather than watered down ingredients.

Can our body balms be used on the face?

Technically yes, but they may be too heavy for facial skin as well as the quantity of our essential oils in each bar are safest for body skin.


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