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Anti Venom

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Vegan charcoal solid body scrub balm

Perfect for detoxing and balancing your skin. Anti Venom draws toxins from your skin, helping to purify and increase your skin metabolism.

Ingredients: Unrefined organic cocoa butter, pink Himalayan salt, extra virgin organic coconut oil, soy wax, activated charcoal powder, spirulina powder, peppermint essential oil.

Directions for use: Glide bottom layer across the area of choice on dry, clean skin to prep the skin. Next, flip the scrub bar and exfoliate. Always glide towards the centre of the body, towards the heart. Lastly, jump into the shower or bath and enjoy.

Bundle Options:  Please select the bundle you prefer

1 x Anti Venom - This consists simply of one Anti Venom scrub.  Variety Bundle - This bundle consists of one of each of the solid body scrubs; 1x Chai Masala, 1 x Butt First Coffee, 1 x Breakfast In Bed, and 1 x Anti Venom.


All of our ingredients are natural, locally sourced and high quality, with a strong focus on sustainability and longevity.

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All of our packaging is either recyclable, compostable or reusable. We try our best to find sustainable solutions for plastic packaging.


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